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Feedback from Customers:

„Introduction of a new standard for a specific process is a necessary but nut sufficient criteria in achieving a high level of sustained quality, since its validity and compliance should be monitored continuously to be incorporated into the everyday work of all employees.”

Háry Szabolcs
Plant Director
Elanders Hungary Kft, Zalalövő

„We have learnt how to focus on the highest risk factors in an FMEA document and accelerate Our improvement actions at the same time.”

Takács Gábor
Plant Director IMS CS Hungary
Global Quality Manager
IMS Connector Systems, Sopron

„During the Six Sigma trainings we have experienced that Norbert posesses all the theoretical knowledge of utilising six sigma tools and techniques in application of Six Sigma actions both in mass production and reverse logistics.

Furthermore He has a good understanding of the best practices applied in Our industry.”

Szentpáli Péter
Engineering Manager
Flextronics International Kft. Budapest

„I was very pleased when I met Norbert Fehér since his character involves every aspects of a good trainer. He loves and enjoys his job and backed with comprehensive knowledge and professional experience. Norbert pays full attention what trainees understood of the topic being covered and keeps track of specific improvement tasks.

His extensive experience is originated both from manufacturing and industrial areas."

Fejes Ágnes
SZÁM PONT Kft., Zalaegerszeg

„We would like to thank Norbert for the high standard Six Sigma trainings again. Based on the provided knowledge and the price-value ratio these trainings are still the best choice on the market.”

Sziráki Gábor
Senior Lean Engineer
Flextronics International Kft. Budapest

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