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Training on structured process improvement methods and utilisation of Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques including lots of case studies and examples from the begginer to the advanced level.


Choosing a non suitable training program for Your company would cause delay in the prblem solving process plus a lot of wasted money.

Please take a look at our training portfolio!



We offer 2 types of project mentoring services for Your company:

Lean Six Sigma Workshops
to generate sustainable results via practice oriented joint activities to ensure that tools and techniques are used properly.

Optional extra mentoring for 3, 6 or 12 months after the certification of Lean Six Sigma problem solvers  since nobody can become a Lean Six Sigma guru after finishing Her/His first project.



Don't You have time to wait for the results of a structured problem solving training?

Do You have daily escalations from Your biggest customer?

Do You face with problems that are "already" solved during previous improvement activities?

Do You need immediate help in problem solvig activities?

Rent a
Lean Six Sigma project leader TODAY!

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